Karaoke Businesses and Spots in Austin

Every once in a while you have to go out for some Karaoke. Throw caution to the wind and let loose that jam you've been rehearsing in your shower for two weeks

Posted on 2/26/2013

Think of this as the preamble to your future stardom on American Idol.


Karaoke All the Time



Famous cozy karaoke dive bar and almost always packed. Get there early to sign up for singing or hit the ever-raging dancefloor



The place has private rooms good for jamming out with a group. It's BYOB and 5$ an hour per person, but negotiate your price upfront



[CLOSED UNTIL FALL 2013]  A trendy Vegas type place with private rooms with buzzers for drinks on command (sold!). The rooms are 20 bucks an hour, with 4:30-7 M-F sporting $2 Lone Stars, $3 pints, and $5 wells



This place is a $1.99 jello shot syringe paradise, with cheap private party rooms that are a safe solution to a pretty intimidating common karaoke stage. Everything in the bar is also really clean, if you're that person



Cheap strong drinks make for a forgettable night (see what I did there), with weekly tailgate parties for UT fans. Wednesday night features Competetive Karaoke. Yes that exists and yes it is ridiculous



This fairly priced bar keeps the Karaoke rocking late into the night. It is noted for its diverse crowd and relaxed atmosphere.



Thursday Karaoke


D K Sushi

Thursday nights turn this Sushi joint into a wild Karaoke hotspot.  Affordable food and drinks served all week long.

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