I'd come up with a theory that I thought made a tremendous amount of sense...which was that you'd lay next to someone you loved, you wished for a baby and then the sperm and the egg met through the pores of your skin. My friend Amanda was like, 'No, a man puts his penis in your vagina,' and I was like, 'This is the worst thing I've ever heard; this is the worst thing that's ever happened to me.' I told my little sister when she was five, so I wouldn’t have to be alone with it. And now she's a lesbian. So there, we've nailed it! That and the fact that I used to make her make out with me through my grandmother's dialysis mask. No, that's not why someone's gay, but it's a funny theory.

Lena Dunham, on her initial thoughts about sex

Posted on 2/21/2013

How her parents reacted to her:

Her parents were not entirely surprised by any of this. "Lena was kind of a weirdo," says Laurie Simmons, her mother. "But I was used to weirdos. I was one, and all the artists I know were probably weirdos when they were kids too. The funny thing is when two artists expect to have a superconventional child." 

Simmons had grown up in suburban Long Island, where her own parents found her baffling. "That's a really awful feeling for a kid to think, that everything they dream up, their parents find peculiar," Simmons says. "So I just decided nothing was going to shake me up."


Not entirely related, but below watch the Inside The Episode for Girls Seasons Two Episode #5, which predictably involves a lot of Lena nudity and sex.


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