In regard to the senseless shooting death of another young black male in the state of Florida, I think that there is little that hasn’t been said already.  How many different ways can we describe the Kafkaesque upending of American jurisprudence through stand-your-ground laws nationwide?  Who has to die before those responsible for this horror show have a moment of self-reflection?  Certainly, someone other than a black teenager.  It’s bad enough that we have become a culture that now codifies its respect for property, or real estate, or human pride above a fundamental and once-paramount respect for human life.  Now, it seems, with the death of Mr. Davis at the hands of Mr. Dunn, we have defenders of the assailant actually suggesting that the right to end an argument about loud music with lethal force has a place under these vile statutes.  

To that end, let’s simply repost an earlier essay written for the Miami Herald and archived elsewhere on this website.  The argument still plays properly.  Nothing has changed. All the same logic — or appalling lack of logic — inherent in stand-your-ground legislation still applies, of course.  And the Florida state legislature, which is directly responsible for the continued increase in such slayings statewide, remains just as inert and content with the bloodletting.  Nothing is different since I filed this op-ed save for the fact that another Floridian is dead, and more lawyers are now getting paid to argue on behalf of another frightened, angry and untethered fool who believed himself legally and morally justified to have taken human life rather than yield to the tyranny of a too-loud stereo.  Don’t tread on him.   And if you’re young and black and living in Florida, don’t tread at all.

David Simon, commenting on the recent shooting of another 17 year old black male in Florida

Posted on 12/3/2012

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